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  • 21: A Castle For Christmas

    Hailey hates cheesy holiday movies. To welcome the season, Hailey & Sean watched A Castle For Christmas, a Netflix Christmas movie about an author, played by Brooke Shields, who visits Scotland to escape a scandal and must thaw the heart of a curmudgeon castle owner, played by Cary Elwes.
    Can a dog successfully "Parent Trap" his owner? Are Scottish people really that hard to understand? How many of the flattest flats can one woman pack on a winter trip to Scotland? Why is Drew Barrymore even in this?? Find out why Hailey thinks this is a reimagined fanfic from her teen years as the couple shares their observations on this frigid yet festive fortress film.

  • 20: Spice Up Your Life

    Hailey still hates Dune 1984. This episode is all about the rest of Dune 1984 (from where Dune 2021 ends) and how it compares to the events in the book. Hailey's grossed out by Sting's wing bikini, raw cow eating, recycled bodily fluids, and intelligent wet fetuses. Sean goes into the lineage of various characters and who procreates in later books. And Hailey finds out how Paul Atreides is like Chris Evans.
    Where are Picard and the pug? Would you ride a giant worm? Also, get the scoop on what's coming up on a new holiday-themed episode!!

  • 19: Double Dune Deep Dive

    Hailey hates the 1984 movie Dune. She hates it so much, Sean thought it would be fun to make her watch it again. Then he made her watch the 2021 Dune. She wasn't happy, but she did it for YOU! This week, the duo compare and contrast both films, sharing observations, opinions, and plot twists and turns. Does Hailey also hate the 2021 Dune? Does it have any redeeming qualities? Is she now a Chalamet Bae? Listen in to find out!!
    This episode ends where the 2021 Dune movie ends, but a few future plot point spoilers start around the 01:48:53 mark.

  • 18: Mini-episode: Jammin’ It In There!

    Hailey and Sean follow-up on a few more haunted issues from last week and share some listener ghost stories! Sean googles the risque type of haunted doll. Hailey talks about home decorating and DIY projects. The gang does a rundown of all the topics in Season 1 thus far, shares some television show reviews in "Ooooh Weees", and does not cap on a depression and anxiety check-in! We're turning enemies into friends and calling on Adam Levine to ghost hunt in this week's spooktacularly goofy episode!

  • 17: Maroon 5 is Ghost Repellent

    Hailey hates haunted dolls! Grab some popcorn and listen in as Hailey and Sean give you a rundown of the surprisingly entertaining movie "Annabelle: Creation". Learn what not to do when your house is haunted, how to properly dispose of a haunted doll, and how you can adopt your own creepy doll.

    Hailey shares what kind of doll she would have her consciousness transferred to, her rules about touching things at thrift stores, and OMG, did Sean buy a haunted doll?!?!

    Hailey shares more real-life ghost stories and wants to hear yours!! Tune in for important life lessons in this week's episode!

  • 16: Mini-episode: Challenge The Limit!

    It's a giggle-fest of fun following up on last week's episode, with a look at some more advanced toys for the not so faint of butt among us. Our duo talks dragon tails, octopus tentacles, and robot aliens before diving into their "Oooh Weees" for the week - a comic con update, Lucy Lawless goodness, and skincare recommendations. Hailey also apologizes for all the times she was an ass to her friends in childhood because they cussed too much.

  • 15: No Admittance

    Hailey hates butt plugs! At least, she's 99.9% sure she does even though she's never used one. Sean shocks our hostess with today's topic and they giggle like 12-year-olds as they learn about all the different types of toys one can use - silicone, vibrating, Bluetooth, novelty, cold hard steel, and hooks! Plus, find out the best butt plug to use as a ninja throwing sword at LARPing events!
    Hailey also ponders why people eat without a beverage, how sex is like a video game, and tells the story of the time she *almost* met Keanu Reeves.

  • 14: Mini-episode: My Eye! My Eye!

    This week, Hailey and Sean sit around the campfire to tell stories, like that time Hailey's stepdad heard the call of Sasquatch, the time Hailey almost lost her eye at an MST3K Live Show, and why Hailey has beef with Treach from Naughty By Nature. Learn about the predators and mammals of Scotland, found out why Sean hates scented candles, and join the fake versus real Christmas tree debate!

    Also, September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, so Hailey shares resources and tips for staying on top of your thyroid health. We hope you're saying "oooh weee" because fall is coming!

  • 13: #NotMyTeddyRuxpin

    Hailey hates how much time and energy get wasted on conspiracy theories. This week, Sean presents Disney, toy, and pop culture-related conspiracy theories in the hopes of sorta kinda ruining Hailey's childhood just a smidge. Did Tangled predict the pandemic? Does Finding Nemo showcase the stages of grief? Is Up about a journey to the afterlife? Is Tarzan really Elsa and Anna's brother?
    Our duo also discuss the questions: What would you do in a Holodeck? Do lizard people really eat meat? And if so, does a tea brine make people meat tastier?
    Also, Brandon, our Official He-Man Historian and friend of the podcast, answers some burning He-Man questions and gives us some backstory on the Eternia Universe.

  • 12: Mini-episode: What’s the Deal with Skeletor?

    Picking up on some topics from the last episode, Hailey and Sean pivot from animated children's shows to more adult animated shows. They discuss "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" in both spoiler-free and spoily form. What's the deal with Skeletor? What are the psychological implications of He-Man's transition?
    The duo also reviews "Beastars", an anime high school drama club murder mystery with talking animal people, and walks you through the first episode.
    Hailey confronts Sean about his "podcast voice", discusses hot animal cartoon characters, and explains why Alanis Morissette haunts her every day!