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  • 1: Hack My Life

    Hailey & Sean start the show off big with a look at a couple of segments from Hack My Life. Find out what life hacks and bad life choices have in common, if creamer containers can be good contact lens cases, fun first date ideas, upcycling VHS tapes, and why every grown man should own a belt. Plus, Hailey begs Chris Evans to appear on the show and talks about the joys of the Ghost Brothers, before discussing life hacks that have actually been helpful. And they are still asking the question, who pissed on the rug??

  • A Bite-Sized Intro!

    A little appetizer intro!

  • Introduction

    In this intro, we help you get to know a little about Hailey and Sean, and share our plans for the format of the series. And we may or may not go on a few tangents about middle school skits, weed, anxiety, & how Hailey gets unfiltered.