Month: April 2022

  • S2E6: The Safe Word Is Yabba Dabba Doo!

    Hailey's having some kind of day as she chats with Sean, wrapping up Finding Magic Mike with comments from some of the show's contestants & internet reviews of the live show experience. The duo reflects on what constitutes a good safe word, shares new television shows they are watching and why it took them so long to do yardwork in "Oooh Weees...", and Hailey talks about a deeply personal recent experience and all the emotions that come along with it.

    Grab your calming essential oils, stay hydrated, and know it's just one of them days!!

  • S2E5: Finding Magic Mike

    Hailey hates Magic Mike, so naturally, she decided it would be fun to watch the dance competition show, Finding Magic Mike, on HBO Max. The first couple of episodes left a bad taste, but will the seven-episode series turn out to be worthwhile? Our duo shares their observations and thoughts about the show, overcoming insecurities/comparison, men's body image issues, the power of fashion, celebrating individuality, and the joys of transformation. Hailey shares her male stripper experiences and recounts how her shame around sexuality got started. (Thanks, Mom.)

    Can you guess which contestant Hailey hates the most? Why is Hailey crying? Listen in to find out!