Month: June 2022

  • S2E10: Every Blowy Begins With Zales

    Hailey hates small talk! Or does she? Hailey and Sean role play as made-up characters to share the good, the bad, and the astonishing in various small talk scenarios to showcase tips and tricks for being better at small talk. The duo also watch a YouTube dude-bro's tips on how to small talk your way into a girl's "heart", sharing their observations & walking you through the video so you don't have to watch it yourself!

  • S2E9: I Got The Plague

    Hailey went to a New Kids On The Block concert and all she got was this lousy Covid! Hailey shares where she is at as she heals and rests, while Sean brags about how he didn't "really" get sick. lol Plus, the duo share recommendations for TV shows and video games they've been playing during this isolation downtime.

    Hang tough as we recuperate and get back to you with new episodes!

  • S2E8: Uncle Ding-Dong Pissed Himself

    This week, Hailey and Sean revisit the topic of birthdays with stories from the internet of birthdays gone wrong, and Hailey walks you through a child's idea of the "worst birthday ever". Hailey and Sean share their "Ooooh Weees" in the form of TV, books, and fun activities, and talk about the importance of seeking joy in "No Cap".

    Hailey shares what she ended up doing for her recent birthday, why you should never take her to a haunted house, and how she would love to open an Anger Adventure Park. Plus, we're celebrating the birthday of the podcast and riffing on ideas for a children's book about Crunkus the Birthday Demon! Join the celebration and don't throw your back out!!