Month: March 2022

  • S2E4: Mini-episode: A Taurus Loves A Good Waller

    Hailey and Sean wrap up thoughts on fanny packs with listener mail. Sean presents a "mini hate" to provoke Hailey's frustration with premature wallering. Hailey explains her need for inside and outside house slippers. Our hosts try the winning McDonald's Menu Hack sandwich from the last mini-episode, and share a couple of TV show recommendations along with tales from their recent road trip to the Redwoods of Northern California in "...Ooooh weeees".

  • S2E3: First of all, No. Secondly, why? And thirdly, WHAT?!?!

    Hailey hates fanny packs. Call them bum bags, belt bags, or whatever else, they all equal the same thing to Hailey - repugnant. Sean shows Hailey different styles of fanny packs and belt bags to get her take on when it is acceptable to wear one, how much she would pay for a designer version, and which ones should NEVER be worn. What should be carried in your fanny pack? Does Hailey have a secret fanny pack stash? All this and more...

  • S2E2: Mini-episode: Being A Slimer

    This week, Hailey & Sean wrap up some He-Man fun facts and introduce a segment on "mini hates", a bite-sized topic for Hailey to fume about! Hailey hates "menu hacks", so Sean had to bring up McDonald's marketing scheme for combining Frankenstein-like sandwiches from their menu offerings. The duo also shares what they are watching and playing in "Things That Make You Go Oooh Weee" & brings up their recent car drama in which a thief was thwarted in "No Cap"!

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