Month: April 2023

  • S3E4: The Depressionator

    Hailey and Sean sit down to follow up on the dark side of #VanLife. In "Oooh Weees", Hailey shares her 35-year love of NKOTB as she celebrates New Kids On The Block Day and fangirls over Joe McIntyre's eyes as she prepares to see him next week! She's also sharing plus-size main character book recommendations, an awesome electric scrubbing brush, her naughty Sims 4 creation, and recent experience making her own lip balm. Sean shares app and television show recommendations for your binging pleasure.

    Plus, depression, anxiety, and the art of drag and ballroom!!

  • S3E3: #SmaugLife

    Hailey hates #VanLife. Sean shares a list of pros and cons on various van life-related issues that stir reflections and revelations in Hailey. There's also a PSA for people in nature, anti-camping propaganda, and a wee peek at what's in Hailey's purse. Brush up on your specific set of skills and get your buckets ready!