Month: December 2022

  • S2E19: Tell Me You Like Me

    Hailey hates being inconsistent. Hailey and Sean hunker down this week to talk about why they've been a bit absent. From mental health and herbal medication to dead dad birthdays and making competing desserts at Friendsgiving, to Teddy Ruxpin and why Sean seems to be more beloved by all, our hosts catch up with you on life as of late.

    They share stories about their weird week when Hailey almost got murdered and Sean almost lost his job. Plus, Hailey's been crafting and reading plus-size main character romance novels, like A Highlander for Hannah, inspiring the urge to write Christmas murder mysteries. And Sean doesn't seem to remember the cheesy Christmas movie they accidentally watched.

    Get your blanket and hot cocoa and let's chat!!