Month: November 2021

  • 20: Spice Up Your Life

    Hailey still hates Dune 1984. This episode is all about the rest of Dune 1984 (from where Dune 2021 ends) and how it compares to the events in the book. Hailey's grossed out by Sting's wing bikini, raw cow eating, recycled bodily fluids, and intelligent wet fetuses. Sean goes into the lineage of various characters and who procreates in later books. And Hailey finds out how Paul Atreides is like Chris Evans.
    Where are Picard and the pug? Would you ride a giant worm? Also, get the scoop on what's coming up on a new holiday-themed episode!!

  • 19: Double Dune Deep Dive

    Hailey hates the 1984 movie Dune. She hates it so much, Sean thought it would be fun to make her watch it again. Then he made her watch the 2021 Dune. She wasn't happy, but she did it for YOU! This week, the duo compare and contrast both films, sharing observations, opinions, and plot twists and turns. Does Hailey also hate the 2021 Dune? Does it have any redeeming qualities? Is she now a Chalamet Bae? Listen in to find out!!
    This episode ends where the 2021 Dune movie ends, but a few future plot point spoilers start around the 01:48:53 mark.