Month: March 2023

  • S3E2: Inner Knowing the House Down Boots

    In this special bonus episode, Sean nerds out on the highlights from the story of Dune's 8-book series he's been reading. Hailey isn't thrilled and needs you to join her on this ride! What came first - the sandworm or the sand trout? What does it take to be an Honored Madre? What are the benefits of cloning Jason Mamoa?

    These questions, and many more, will be answered! The duo also talks about the intrigue of being unconventionally handsome, the best final form for Ultra Spice, and why Dune is basically a Gremlin Scenario.

  • S3E1: Deep Tangent

    Welcome to Season 3! Hailey and Sean are back with a soft launch, catching you up on a winter's worth of shenanigans! The duo discusses mental health setbacks, not crying over cinnamon rolls, bending the rules, and Hailey's beef with Time. Sean takes a dive into the Dune book series, and Hailey's found an app that provides erotic audio stories.

    Plus, Sean explains how the Word of the Year concept and Hailey's life coaching skills have helped him improve his mindset, while Hailey shares her exciting dentist visit news and puts old nemeses on blast!