S2E1: Don’t Knock It Til You Sprocket

Welcome to Season Two! This special episode is all about He-Man as Hailey and Sean are joined by friend and He-Man Historian, Brandon Mullis! The trio talk about their thoughts and observations on Kevin Smith’s Netflix vision, “Masters of the Universe: Revelation”, and the new animated He-Man series, “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”.

Brandon has been watching He-Man since before he could form words and shares the ins and outs of Eternia with us, as well as some insights into his 29-year friendship with Hailey. Sean brings some scandalous content, Hailey is pretty sure she’s 50% Orko and 50% Cringer, and Brandon schools us on the differences between Webstor, Stinkor, Spikor, Ninjor, Mosquitor, Grizlor, Clamp Champ, and Fisto, just to name a few!

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