17: Maroon 5 is Ghost Repellent

Hailey hates haunted dolls! Grab some popcorn and listen in as Hailey and Sean give you a rundown of the surprisingly entertaining movie “Annabelle: Creation”. Learn what not to do when your house is haunted, how to properly dispose of a haunted doll, and how you can adopt your own creepy doll.

Hailey shares what kind of doll she would have her consciousness transferred to, her rules about touching things at thrift stores, and OMG, did Sean buy a haunted doll?!?!

Hailey shares more real-life ghost stories and wants to hear yours!! Tune in for important life lessons in this week’s episode!

Featured in the Episode:

Annabelle: Creation on HBOMax

Haunted doll Ebay seller hauntedhunies

Guatemalan worry dolls

Casting Instructions for ‘Go Into A Doll’s Body’

Doll in the Hall

Pediophobia: Fear of Dolls

Creepy Doll Adoption Agency | Side Hustles

Unsettling Toy Removal and Rehoming


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