• 16: Mini-episode: Challenge The Limit!

    It's a giggle-fest of fun following up on last week's episode, with a look at some more advanced toys for the not so faint of butt among us. Our duo talks dragon tails, octopus tentacles, and robot aliens before diving into their "Oooh Weees" for the week - a comic con update, Lucy Lawless goodness, and skincare recommendations. Hailey also apologizes for all the times she was an ass to her friends in childhood because they cussed too much.

  • 15: No Admittance

    Hailey hates butt plugs! At least, she's 99.9% sure she does even though she's never used one. Sean shocks our hostess with today's topic and they giggle like 12-year-olds as they learn about all the different types of toys one can use - silicone, vibrating, Bluetooth, novelty, cold hard steel, and hooks! Plus, find out the best butt plug to use as a ninja throwing sword at LARPing events!
    Hailey also ponders why people eat without a beverage, how sex is like a video game, and tells the story of the time she *almost* met Keanu Reeves.

  • 14: Mini-episode: My Eye! My Eye!

    This week, Hailey and Sean sit around the campfire to tell stories, like that time Hailey's stepdad heard the call of Sasquatch, the time Hailey almost lost her eye at an MST3K Live Show, and why Hailey has beef with Treach from Naughty By Nature. Learn about the predators and mammals of Scotland, found out why Sean hates scented candles, and join the fake versus real Christmas tree debate!

    Also, September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, so Hailey shares resources and tips for staying on top of your thyroid health. We hope you're saying "oooh weee" because fall is coming!

  • 13: #NotMyTeddyRuxpin

    Hailey hates how much time and energy get wasted on conspiracy theories. This week, Sean presents Disney, toy, and pop culture-related conspiracy theories in the hopes of sorta kinda ruining Hailey's childhood just a smidge. Did Tangled predict the pandemic? Does Finding Nemo showcase the stages of grief? Is Up about a journey to the afterlife? Is Tarzan really Elsa and Anna's brother?
    Our duo also discuss the questions: What would you do in a Holodeck? Do lizard people really eat meat? And if so, does a tea brine make people meat tastier?
    Also, Brandon, our Official He-Man Historian and friend of the podcast, answers some burning He-Man questions and gives us some backstory on the Eternia Universe.

  • 12: Mini-episode: What’s the Deal with Skeletor?

    Picking up on some topics from the last episode, Hailey and Sean pivot from animated children's shows to more adult animated shows. They discuss "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" in both spoiler-free and spoily form. What's the deal with Skeletor? What are the psychological implications of He-Man's transition?
    The duo also reviews "Beastars", an anime high school drama club murder mystery with talking animal people, and walks you through the first episode.
    Hailey confronts Sean about his "podcast voice", discusses hot animal cartoon characters, and explains why Alanis Morissette haunts her every day!

  • 11: I Have A Bratz Baby Body!

    Hailey hates when children's entertainment teaches them all the wrong things. This week, Hailey and Sean dig a little deeper into the messaging of a couple of cartoon examples that seem to be love letters to toxic beauty ideals and capitalism. They watch one episode of Winx Club and clips from the Bratz Babyz Movie as Hailey fumes over the tragic implications of teaching babies to be "hotter than hot".

    We've got pant-sniffing, nipple-ring trolls, baby burlesque, Spice Girl fairies, fashion from 1996, Herculean bunny rabbits, the Douchestreet Boys, a "Clueless"-style closet filled with baby t-shirts and underoos, and My Little Pony badonkadonks. Join us, won't you?

  • 10: Mini-episode: Things That Make You Go OooohWeeee!

    This week is a not-so-mini episode introducing two new segments to the show! Hailey and Sean share spoiler-free reviews of television shows they are watching lately, what arts and crafts are keeping Hailey occupied, why they had to watch F9, and recommendations for tasty options at Red Robin. Hailey shares some progress she has made with anxiety, depression, and cPTSD lately, what doctors don't tell you when you have cancer, and why the podcast is a part of her personal growth. Humor is the main ingredient in this week's casserole of crazy!

  • 9: Tangent Alert! w/ Nigel & Joaquin

    Despite his best efforts, Sean couldn't keep this train on the rails either! This week, our hosts are joined by their friends Nigel & Joaquin and go off on a series of tangents to keep you on your toes. Crappy drivers, parking issues in Portland, and Hailey's traumatic attempts at driving are discussed, along with some of life's big questions - Will Mark Feehily ever grace us with his presence? Does Tom Hiddleston have Big Dick Energy? Will children ever not listen to Justin Bieber in nature? And Chex Mix or Muddy Buddies?

    Our crew also shares ghost stories, the voices their dogs have had, and everyone does a Chewbacca impression! Plus, we find out the best way to get ne'er-do-well kids off your lawn!

  • 8: Mini-episode: Totes More Words

    Our duo follows up this week with a few more words that didn't make it into last week's episode, listener feedback on YOUR most hated word abbreviations/slang/etc., and a review of the first episode of HBO Max's "Gossip Girl" series.

    Plus, Hailey shares a slang-filled poem she wrote inspired by all the words she loves to hate!

  • 7: Abbreviations are sus, no cap!

    Hailey hates word abbreviations! This week Sean presents abbreviations, slang terms, and other jargon to infuriate our hostess. Hailey talks about the importance of the "Free Willy" soundtrack, her dad's cold-ass apartment, and how she wishes this episode was sponsored by Ben & Jerry's non-dairy ice cream. Also, Sean is high this week, so NOONE is controlling this train!!