16: Mini-episode: Challenge The Limit!

It’s a giggle-fest of fun following up on last week’s episode, with a look at some more advanced toys for the not so faint of butt among us. Our duo talks dragon tails, octopus tentacles, and robot aliens before diving into their “Oooh Weees” for the week – a comic con update, Lucy Lawless goodness, and skincare recommendations. Hailey also apologizes for all the times she was an ass to her friends in childhood because they cussed too much.

Featured in the Episode:

Stainless Steel Lockable Butt Plug

Wifi Remote Lockable Butt Plug

Cheeta Spotted Dragon Tail Butt Plug

Colorful Tentacle Dildo Octopus Huge Anal Plug

My Life is Murder (Acorn TV)

Naturopathica Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream

Westlife BBC Radio 2 Live – 2021

Behind The Music: New Kids On The Block (2021)


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