13: #NotMyTeddyRuxpin

Hailey hates how much time and energy get wasted on conspiracy theories. This week, Sean presents Disney, toy, and pop culture-related conspiracy theories in the hopes of sorta kinda ruining Hailey’s childhood just a smidge. Did Tangled predict the pandemic? Does Finding Nemo showcase the stages of grief? Is Up about a journey to the afterlife? Is Tarzan really Elsa and Anna’s brother?

Our duo also discuss the questions: What would you do in a Holodeck? Do lizard people really eat meat? And if so, does a tea brine make people meat tastier?

Also, Brandon, our Official He-Man Historian and friend of the podcast, answers some burning He-Man questions and gives us some backstory on the Eternia Universe.

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Featured in the Episode:

10 Crazy Disney Theories That Are Too Real To Ignore

10 Dark Conspiracy Theories Behind Children’s Toys

11 Seriously Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

Cabbage Patch Kids Preemie

Talking Mother Goose


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