• S2E9: I Got The Plague

    Hailey went to a New Kids On The Block concert and all she got was this lousy Covid! Hailey shares where she is at as she heals and rests, while Sean brags about how he didn't "really" get sick. lol Plus, the duo share recommendations for TV shows and video games they've been playing during this isolation downtime.

    Hang tough as we recuperate and get back to you with new episodes!

  • S2E8: Uncle Ding-Dong Pissed Himself

    This week, Hailey and Sean revisit the topic of birthdays with stories from the internet of birthdays gone wrong, and Hailey walks you through a child's idea of the "worst birthday ever". Hailey and Sean share their "Ooooh Weees" in the form of TV, books, and fun activities, and talk about the importance of seeking joy in "No Cap".

    Hailey shares what she ended up doing for her recent birthday, why you should never take her to a haunted house, and how she would love to open an Anger Adventure Park. Plus, we're celebrating the birthday of the podcast and riffing on ideas for a children's book about Crunkus the Birthday Demon! Join the celebration and don't throw your back out!!

  • S2E7: You’re Only A Day Older Than The Day Before

    Hailey hates aging, but it's her birthday! Why not celebrate by reminiscing about the worst, the best, and the fantastical of personal birthday memories? Hear how Hailey's "glam casual" fashion sense got started, why she thinks she'd be a great stand-up comedian, and what happened the first time she went to a dance club. Sean shares his sad boy Christmas baby celebrations, imagines Hailey's dream birthday shenanigans, and pats himself on the back for an amazing surprise birthday he set up for Hailey not too long ago.

    Get tips on how to beat your own birthday blues, and don't forget to share your most memorable birthday memories with the crew!

  • S2E6: The Safe Word Is Yabba Dabba Doo!

    Hailey's having some kind of day as she chats with Sean, wrapping up Finding Magic Mike with comments from some of the show's contestants & internet reviews of the live show experience. The duo reflects on what constitutes a good safe word, shares new television shows they are watching and why it took them so long to do yardwork in "Oooh Weees...", and Hailey talks about a deeply personal recent experience and all the emotions that come along with it.

    Grab your calming essential oils, stay hydrated, and know it's just one of them days!!

  • S2E5: Finding Magic Mike

    Hailey hates Magic Mike, so naturally, she decided it would be fun to watch the dance competition show, Finding Magic Mike, on HBO Max. The first couple of episodes left a bad taste, but will the seven-episode series turn out to be worthwhile? Our duo shares their observations and thoughts about the show, overcoming insecurities/comparison, men's body image issues, the power of fashion, celebrating individuality, and the joys of transformation. Hailey shares her male stripper experiences and recounts how her shame around sexuality got started. (Thanks, Mom.)

    Can you guess which contestant Hailey hates the most? Why is Hailey crying? Listen in to find out!

  • S2E4: Mini-episode: A Taurus Loves A Good Waller

    Hailey and Sean wrap up thoughts on fanny packs with listener mail. Sean presents a "mini hate" to provoke Hailey's frustration with premature wallering. Hailey explains her need for inside and outside house slippers. Our hosts try the winning McDonald's Menu Hack sandwich from the last mini-episode, and share a couple of TV show recommendations along with tales from their recent road trip to the Redwoods of Northern California in "...Ooooh weeees".

  • S2E3: First of all, No. Secondly, why? And thirdly, WHAT?!?!

    Hailey hates fanny packs. Call them bum bags, belt bags, or whatever else, they all equal the same thing to Hailey - repugnant. Sean shows Hailey different styles of fanny packs and belt bags to get her take on when it is acceptable to wear one, how much she would pay for a designer version, and which ones should NEVER be worn. What should be carried in your fanny pack? Does Hailey have a secret fanny pack stash? All this and more...

  • S2E2: Mini-episode: Being A Slimer

    This week, Hailey & Sean wrap up some He-Man fun facts and introduce a segment on "mini hates", a bite-sized topic for Hailey to fume about! Hailey hates "menu hacks", so Sean had to bring up McDonald's marketing scheme for combining Frankenstein-like sandwiches from their menu offerings. The duo also shares what they are watching and playing in "Things That Make You Go Oooh Weee" & brings up their recent car drama in which a thief was thwarted in "No Cap"!

    Don't forget to vote for which McDonald's Hack Sandwich Hailey should try!! You can vote on our Instagram or in the poll on Spotify under this episode. You can also vote with your money, as Hailey will try the Land, Air, & Sea abomination if you support the podcast with $10 or more!

  • S2E1: Don’t Knock It Til You Sprocket

    Welcome to Season Two! This special episode is all about He-Man as Hailey and Sean are joined by friend and He-Man Historian, Brandon Mullis! The trio talk about their thoughts and observations on Kevin Smith's Netflix vision, "Masters of the Universe: Revelation", and the new animated He-Man series, "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe".

    Brandon has been watching He-Man since before he could form words and shares the ins and outs of Eternia with us, as well as some insights into his 29-year friendship with Hailey. Sean brings some scandalous content, Hailey is pretty sure she's 50% Orko and 50% Cringer, and Brandon schools us on the differences between Webstor, Stinkor, Spikor, Ninjor, Mosquitor, Grizlor, Clamp Champ, and Fisto, just to name a few!

  • 22: Boyband Nightmare Rolls

    Hailey hates having a stuffy nose, but she's here! Sean and Hailey are wrapping up Season 1 of the podcast with a short check-in to let you know what they have been up to over the holidays. Hailey shares some tasty recipes and talks about how recording the podcast has helped her mentally. She also finally shares how her beef with Nick Lachey got started!