S2E7: You’re Only A Day Older Than The Day Before

Hailey hates aging, but it’s her birthday! Why not celebrate by reminiscing about the worst, the best, and the fantastical of personal birthday memories?
Hear how Hailey’s “glam casual” fashion sense got started, why she thinks she’d be a great stand-up comedian, and what happened the first time she went to a dance club. Sean shares his sad boy Christmas baby celebrations, imagines Hailey’s dream birthday shenanigans, and pats himself on the back for an amazing surprise birthday he set up for Hailey not too long ago.

Get tips on how to beat your own birthday blues, and don’t forget to share your most memorable birthday memories with the crew!

Various birthday pics from Hailey’s birthdays:

The birthday Sean surprised Hailey with an escape room and visiting sloths:

Various foods from out travels (Iceland had a lot of mayo options!):


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Unhappy Birthday: How I Conquered the Birthday Blues


May 12th Birthdays


Best day to be born


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