Author: Hailey

  • S2E19: Tell Me You Like Me

    Hailey hates being inconsistent. Hailey and Sean hunker down this week to talk about why they've been a bit absent. From mental health and herbal medication to dead dad birthdays and making competing desserts at Friendsgiving, to Teddy Ruxpin and why Sean seems to be more beloved by all, our hosts catch up with you on life as of late.

    They share stories about their weird week when Hailey almost got murdered and Sean almost lost his job. Plus, Hailey's been crafting and reading plus-size main character romance novels, like A Highlander for Hannah, inspiring the urge to write Christmas murder mysteries. And Sean doesn't seem to remember the cheesy Christmas movie they accidentally watched.

    Get your blanket and hot cocoa and let's chat!!

  • S218: The Billy Bones of His Generation

    This week, Hailey and Sean are presenting clips of all the tangents they went on with Brandon! They talk kombucha, Hailey's first coffee order at Dunkin' Donuts, the genius of Pauly Shore, Sean's terrible impression of a Southern accent, and much more. Sean surprises with scandalous He-Man-related photos while Brandon shares his history of pissing Hailey off with boyband jokes.

    In "...Oooh Weeees", Hailey celebrates graduating from her certification course, and the duo discusses acquiring their early Christmas gift. "No Cap" involves a tale of existing while over 40 and what happened when Sean got way too high.

  • S2E17: Masters of the Universe 1987 with Brandon Mullis

    To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture, Hailey and Sean welcome their resident He-Man Historian, Brandon, back to the podcast!! Listen as they recap the film with behind-the-scenes factoids, random tangents, and a buttload of opinions. Put on your metal thong, grab a bucket of fried chicken, and settle in for a groin-bruising good time!

  • S2E16: Fatty’s Gonna Rock That ‘Yak!

    Hailey hates anti-fat bias in outdoor activities, as we all should! The duo is back from their vacation in northeastern Oregon and ready to chat! Inspired by their recent travels, they discuss lots of ways fat people are excluded from the outdoor activity space and the lack of plus-size representation. They share their apprehension at being first-time kayakers, hiking at 8,200 feet, and reclaiming the joy of being in nature.

    Also, Sean brags about his ambidextrous upbringing.

    You deserve to take up space and have joyful experiences!

  • S2E15: Elf in the Sheets, Hobbit in the Streets

    Hailey's super high as our hosts catch you up on life. Find out about the most annoying phrases they use that Hailey edits out of the podcast (mostly). Get spoiler-free reviews of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, Bad Sisters, RuPaul's Celebrity Drag Race, and House of the Dragon in "Ooooh Weees". Hailey was recently back in-studio for her side gig and discusses the vulnerability hangovers that go along with being on television and just putting yourself out there in general. The duo also get excited for Rose City Comic Con and celebrate their 17-year dating anniversary!

  • S2E14: Cat Poo & Vinegar

    Hailey hates hair removal, despite participating in this ritual for 33+ years. Sean walks us through some interesting history of hair removal processes from BC to the present day. The duo talks about body hair insecurities, methods of hair removal, & personal tidbits about accepting and overcoming the shame of being a hairy person. Plus, the pink tax, men's questionable beard choices, and hairstyles for your lady bits!

  • S2E13: Party In Your Tummy

    Hailey & Sean wrap up their talk on children's books by discussing dangerous toys, sentient food, & books they loved in their youth. Hailey reads the real ending to "Froggy Goes To The Doctor" & explains why she was given the nickname Tickle Me Satan decades ago. In "Oooh Wees", you'll hear reviews for Amazon Prime's Paper Girls & RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars All-Winners season, followed by a couple of beauty product recommendations! And finally, in "No Cap", Hailey decides to check the results of her bloodwork from her latest cancer check-up LIVE!

  • S2E12: B*tch-A$$ Book Done Got Me!

    Hailey hates inspirational children's books, or does she? This week, Hailey and Sean discuss a variety of children's books, reacquainting themselves with "The Little Engine That Could", acting out the riveting conclusion of "Froggy Goes To The Doctor", and finding inspiration in the process.

    Hailey shares glimpses into her childhood, discusses what made her feel worthy, and what she'd like to see more of in children's literature! Sean shares how comic books helped him level up his reading. Internet trolls, the importance of boundaries, sun sensitivity, cute teddy bears, and more!! Buckle up for a roller coaster ride of info!

  • S2E11: Jedi Can Get It

    After going over all things small talk, Hailey & Sean were put to the test at a party over the holiday weekend! How did they do? Did they learn anything from helping them help you? The duo shares plenty of recommendations in "Oooh Weees..." and "No Cap", including spoiler-free reviews of television shows - Legendary, Obi-Wan, Stranger Things, I Love That For You - and books - the Throne of Glass series and Where The Crawdads Sing.

    Plus, Hailey shares a story about how she got recognized by a stranger at a restaurant over the weekend, and her love of school supplies and Spanish moss!

  • S2E10: Every Blowy Begins With Zales

    Hailey hates small talk! Or does she? Hailey and Sean role play as made-up characters to share the good, the bad, and the astonishing in various small talk scenarios to showcase tips and tricks for being better at small talk. The duo also watch a YouTube dude-bro's tips on how to small talk your way into a girl's "heart", sharing their observations & walking you through the video so you don't have to watch it yourself!