Author: Hailey

  • S3E5: Movie Exchange: 90s Favorites with Brandon Mullis

    Brandon Mullis joins Hailey and Sean for their own mini-film festival! They've each chosen a favorite 90s film, watched them all, and discuss the good, the bad, and the incredibly bizarre!

    If you want to watch along, Sean chose the 1995 French film, The City of Lost Children. Brandon picked Radioland Murders, a murder mystery comedy from 1994. The 1992, Ron Howard-directed Far and Away was Hailey's choice.

  • S3E4: The Depressionator

    Hailey and Sean sit down to follow up on the dark side of #VanLife. In "Oooh Weees", Hailey shares her 35-year love of NKOTB as she celebrates New Kids On The Block Day and fangirls over Joe McIntyre's eyes as she prepares to see him next week! She's also sharing plus-size main character book recommendations, an awesome electric scrubbing brush, her naughty Sims 4 creation, and recent experience making her own lip balm. Sean shares app and television show recommendations for your binging pleasure.

    Plus, depression, anxiety, and the art of drag and ballroom!!

  • S3E3: #SmaugLife

    Hailey hates #VanLife. Sean shares a list of pros and cons on various van life-related issues that stir reflections and revelations in Hailey. There's also a PSA for people in nature, anti-camping propaganda, and a wee peek at what's in Hailey's purse. Brush up on your specific set of skills and get your buckets ready!

  • S3E2: Inner Knowing the House Down Boots

    In this special bonus episode, Sean nerds out on the highlights from the story of Dune's 8-book series he's been reading. Hailey isn't thrilled and needs you to join her on this ride! What came first - the sandworm or the sand trout? What does it take to be an Honored Madre? What are the benefits of cloning Jason Mamoa?

    These questions, and many more, will be answered! The duo also talks about the intrigue of being unconventionally handsome, the best final form for Ultra Spice, and why Dune is basically a Gremlin Scenario.

  • S3E1: Deep Tangent

    Welcome to Season 3! Hailey and Sean are back with a soft launch, catching you up on a winter's worth of shenanigans! The duo discusses mental health setbacks, not crying over cinnamon rolls, bending the rules, and Hailey's beef with Time. Sean takes a dive into the Dune book series, and Hailey's found an app that provides erotic audio stories.

    Plus, Sean explains how the Word of the Year concept and Hailey's life coaching skills have helped him improve his mindset, while Hailey shares her exciting dentist visit news and puts old nemeses on blast!

  • S2E19: Tell Me You Like Me

    Hailey hates being inconsistent. Hailey and Sean hunker down this week to talk about why they've been a bit absent. From mental health and herbal medication to dead dad birthdays and making competing desserts at Friendsgiving, to Teddy Ruxpin and why Sean seems to be more beloved by all, our hosts catch up with you on life as of late.

    They share stories about their weird week when Hailey almost got murdered and Sean almost lost his job. Plus, Hailey's been crafting and reading plus-size main character romance novels, like A Highlander for Hannah, inspiring the urge to write Christmas murder mysteries. And Sean doesn't seem to remember the cheesy Christmas movie they accidentally watched.

    Get your blanket and hot cocoa and let's chat!!

  • S218: The Billy Bones of His Generation

    This week, Hailey and Sean are presenting clips of all the tangents they went on with Brandon! They talk kombucha, Hailey's first coffee order at Dunkin' Donuts, the genius of Pauly Shore, Sean's terrible impression of a Southern accent, and much more. Sean surprises with scandalous He-Man-related photos while Brandon shares his history of pissing Hailey off with boyband jokes.

    In "...Oooh Weeees", Hailey celebrates graduating from her certification course, and the duo discusses acquiring their early Christmas gift. "No Cap" involves a tale of existing while over 40 and what happened when Sean got way too high.

  • S2E17: Masters of the Universe 1987 with Brandon Mullis

    To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture, Hailey and Sean welcome their resident He-Man Historian, Brandon, back to the podcast!! Listen as they recap the film with behind-the-scenes factoids, random tangents, and a buttload of opinions. Put on your metal thong, grab a bucket of fried chicken, and settle in for a groin-bruising good time!

  • S2E16: Fatty’s Gonna Rock That ‘Yak!

    Hailey hates anti-fat bias in outdoor activities, as we all should! The duo is back from their vacation in northeastern Oregon and ready to chat! Inspired by their recent travels, they discuss lots of ways fat people are excluded from the outdoor activity space and the lack of plus-size representation. They share their apprehension at being first-time kayakers, hiking at 8,200 feet, and reclaiming the joy of being in nature.

    Also, Sean brags about his ambidextrous upbringing.

    You deserve to take up space and have joyful experiences!

  • S2E15: Elf in the Sheets, Hobbit in the Streets

    Hailey's super high as our hosts catch you up on life. Find out about the most annoying phrases they use that Hailey edits out of the podcast (mostly). Get spoiler-free reviews of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, Bad Sisters, RuPaul's Celebrity Drag Race, and House of the Dragon in "Ooooh Weees". Hailey was recently back in-studio for her side gig and discusses the vulnerability hangovers that go along with being on television and just putting yourself out there in general. The duo also get excited for Rose City Comic Con and celebrate their 17-year dating anniversary!